Lootgoblin Crew

The Lootgoblin Squad


Die Skillmaschine

“There’s no God but there’s a mattrrrrr!” – Hugo Bugo


Der Inspektor mit dem Kartoffel-PC

“HUGOBUGO” – Hugo Bugo


Frischling im Squad

“There is no fun, without Billy and his gun” – Hugo Bugo



“…” – Hugo Bugo


  • Drink: Moscow Mule
  • Lunch: Pizza (Spinach & Feta)
  • Snack: You :-* ;) and Chips
  • Color: Blue / Black

PUBG Stuff:

  • Favorite:
    • Weapon: Mini
    • Map: Erangle
    • Grip: Vertical
  • Chicken Dinner Memory
    • Not the first one, but the first one that counted: Playing Duos with mattrrrrr with the last circle on Military Island. I’m not sure if mattrrrrr got knocked or just was low. I flanked and killed either the last or both players and instant screamed and smashed the table. After beeing in the carring backback of mattrrrrr for quite some time i felt that i contributed something :D
  • Someone misses a grenade by mistake and kills / flashes you – who was it?
    • Me or Cherno, mattrrrrr does not miss and Hugo Bugo does it intentionally ;)
  • Why did you join the Lootgoblins?
    • After years with the “german trouble shooters” and “Carnival of Carnage” the Lootgoblin management made me a offer I could not refuse…
  • Hours: 924 (July 2021)
Lootgoblins Team Foto by Mattrrrrr

HugoBugo, sm4sh & mattrrrrr
New York ’92

(© Max)